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SLAC scientists investigate the properties of warm dense matter, shocks, and high-intensity laser-plasma interactions.

Demo with a water jet in a high energy density science laser lab.

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Double your pressure, double your fun! Join us for SLAC on Tap on May 9, when SLAC scientist and rock star Arianna Gleason will...

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Researchers have uncovered new insights about tungsten's ability to conduct heat, which could lead to materials advancements for fusion reactor and aerospace technologies.

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Following the NIF ignition demonstrations, the prospect of developing a fusion energy source using lasers looks brighter than ever. 

Illustration featuring three SLAC scientists Alan Fry, Arianna Gleason, and Siegfried Glenzer.
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The research could lead to a better understanding of how metals behave under extreme conditions, which will aid in the development of more resilient...

phonon hardening
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A new experiment suggests that this exotic precipitation forms at even lower pressures and temperatures than previously thought and could influence the unusual magnetic...

Diamond rain
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SLAC will partner in two collaborations that aim to speed up progress in fusion energy science and technology.

Laser engineer Eric Cunningham with the Matter in Extreme Conditions optical laser
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The results offer important implications for astrophysics and nuclear fusion research.

NIF experiment

Illustration of how a single crystal sample of silicon deforms during shock compression on nanosecond timescales.

MEC silicon
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They saw how the material finds a path to contorting and flexing to avoid being irreversibly crushed.

MEC silicon
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Studying a material that even more closely resembles the composition of ice giants, researchers found that oxygen boosts the formation of diamond rain.

Diamond rain formation
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A laser compressing an aluminum crystal provides a clearer view of a material’s plastic deformation, potentially leading to the design of stronger nuclear fusion...

an abstract illustration of rippling waves made of shining dots

Public lecture presented by Ben Ofori-Okai

Public lecture poster for Getting to the Core of Earth’s Magnetic Field