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A research team including SLAC staff engineer Gustavo Cezar shows that charging electric vehicles in the daytime would spread the load on the electric grid, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Photograph of a man plugging an electric cord into a gray car on a driveway.
Bagde is being recognized for his successful efforts to describe the structures and mechanisms of several biologically important enzymes.
A man smiles at the camera.
The protein could play a key role in soil carbon cycling and soil decomposition.
An enormous vat of pure liquid xenon will help scientists at SLAC and around the globe learn more about the universe.
A collection of pipes, towers, and other equipment
Fan’s X-ray crystallography work at SLAC’s synchrotron moves us closer to a more protective coronavi...
Fan wins this year's Klein award from SSRL.
Powerful X-rays from SLAC’s synchrotron reveal that our immune system’s primary wiring seems to be n...
A cosmologist, cultural historian, and neurosurgeon discuss how outer space and otherworldly phenome...
Image of galaxies of different colors and varied, warped shapes.
Researchers at SLAC found that oxygen boosts this exotic precipitation, revealing a new path to make...
Diamond rain formation
En route to record-breaking X-rays, SLAC’s Cryogenic team built a helium-refrigeration plant that lo...
Images of frost and a thermometer superimposed over an aerial view of an accelerator building.