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Blandford’s major contributions range from energetic jets ripping forth from colossal black holes to cosmic “magnifying” glasses to gravitational waves.
Roger Blandford
Physicists at SLAC and Stanford propose that the influence of cosmic rays on early life may explain nature’s preference for a uniform “handedness” among biology’s critical molecules.
Chirality graphic
Revealing both sides of the story in a single experiment has been a grand scientific challenge.
nuclear and electronic
Understanding nature’s process could inform the next generation of artificial photosynthetic systems that produce clean and renewable energy from sunlight and water.
Photosystem II
Learning how liquid silicates behave at these extreme temperatures and pressures has been a longstan...
liquid silicates
The advance opens a path toward a new generation of logic and memory devices that could be 10,000 ti...
Fanciful illustration based on electron orbitals
New machine learning methods bring insights into how lithium ion batteries degrade, and show it’s mo...
Particles in a nickel-manganese-cobalt cathode are highlighted using a new computer vision algorithm.
Siegfried Glenzer's team and collaborators from Tel Aviv University are working on a method tha...
Light-driven reactions are at the heart of human vision, photosynthesis and solar power generation....
Illustration showing electron orbitals ballooning in response to light