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Bernhard Mistlberger has developed new methods to make Standard Model predictions more precise than ever. The European Physical Society recently awarded him the 2021 Gribov Medal for his contributions.
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Measuring the process in unprecedented detail gives them clues to how to minimize the problem and protect battery performance.
Illustration of oxygen atoms leaving a lithium-ion battery as lithium flows in alongside a battery whose energy is being sapped by this process
The lab will help fund the work of researchers who use artificial intelligence and machine learning to make energy systems more sustainable, affordable, resilient and fair to all socioeconomic groups.
Portrait of Yi Cui, director of the Precourt Institute at Stanford
The Horizon Prizes celebrate the most exciting, contemporary chemical science at the cutting edge of research and innovation.
ultrafast X-ray scattering
From the invisible world of elementary particles to the mysteries of the cosmos, recipients of this...
Panofsky fellows
Edward Hohenstein, Emma McBride and Caterina Vernieri study what happens to molecules hit by light,...
Early Career Awardees 2021
An analysis of the first three years of Dark Energy Survey data is consistent with predictions from...
An observatory bathed in red light against a starry night sky
An international collaboration aims to create a 3D map of the universe, unraveling the mysterious na...
Rebecca Leane and colleagues showed dark matter could heat planets in our galaxy to incredible tempe...
Portrait of Rebecca Leane