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Daniel Ratner, head of SLAC’s machine learning initiative, explains the lab’s unique opportunities to advance scientific discovery through machine learning.
Daniel Ratner
They found that gently heating N95 masks in high relative humidity could inactivate SARS-CoV-2 virus trapped within the masks, without degrading the masks’ performance.
Medical workers donning personal protective equipment
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers recognizes his contributions to developing electron beams that power unique ‘electron cameras’ and could advance X-ray lasers.
Xijie Wang
It uses terahertz radiation to power a miniscule copper accelerator structure.
Terahertz acclerator structure
Using SLAC’s synchrotron, Summers improves fundamental knowledge of the role of copper in the brain...
Kelly Summer portrait
This leap in capability will allow scientists to investigate quantum and chemical systems more direc...
Researchers demonstrate a new ability to drive and track electronic motion, which is crucial to unde...
For decades Z-X Shen has ridden a wave of curiosity about the strange behavior of electrons that can...
Portrait of Stanford and SLAC Professor Z-X Shen
The camera will explore cosmic mysteries as part of the Rubin Observatory’s Legacy Survey of Space a...
LSSTCam Focal Plane Header