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Overseeing the safe disposal of chemicals and waste at SLAC has turned into an environmental mission for Yolanda Pilastro.
Yolanda Pilastro portrait at SLAC
A better understanding of the failure process will help researchers design new materials that can better withstand intense events such as high-velocity impacts.
material failure
The pandemic forced major changes to the format, but 30 teams from 22 schools still came together online to vie for a slot at nationals.
A screenshot of competitors and volunteers in a video conference call.
Scientists get dramatically better resolution at X-ray free-electron lasers with a new technique.
Just as pressing a guitar string produces a higher pitch, sending laser light through a material can...
Illustration of high harmonic generation in a topological insulator using circularly polarized laser light
Stanford EM-X brings hundreds of researchers around the world together to discuss the latest methods...
Black and white electron microscope images of pollen.
A promising lead halide perovskite is great at converting sunlight to electricity, but it breaks dow...
Illustration of a lead halide material being squeezed in a diamond anvil cell