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Exploring and manipulating the behavior of polar vortices in materials may lead to new technology for faster data transfer and storage.
polar vortices
Two groups of researchers drew on SLAC tools to better understand how to target a key part of the virus that causes COVID-19.
Illustration of SARS-CoV-2, a round ball with spikes.
It’s an example of how surprising properties can spontaneously emerge in complex materials – a phenomenon scientists hope to harness for novel technologies.
Illustration of a 2D superconducting state emerging in a 3D superconductor
For the first time, DES scientists can combine measurements of the distribution of matter, galaxies, and galaxy clusters to advance our understanding of dark energy.
SSRL and LCLS scientists will help visiting research teams solve their experimental challenges, then...
Diagram of a complex molecule
The results have important implications for today’s TV and display screens and for future technologi...
Illustration of three quantum dot nanocrystals showing atomic-level changes when they are hit with laser light
It can help operators optimize the performance of X-ray lasers, electron microscopes, medical accele...
Virtual Diagnostics
Scientists have documented a process that makes these next-gen batteries lose charge – and eventuall...
This new understanding could aid the development of more efficient clean energy sources.
electron transfer