Energy Sciences Directorate team at the Battery500 Quarterly Review Meeting on May 25-26 at SLAC's Main Quad.
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The lab is organized into six scientific directorates, each of which plays an important role in advancing our lab, backed by our core operations teams all supporting our shared mission.

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Accelerator Directorate

The Accelerator Directorate fosters world leading accelerator science and technologies for future accelerators, while enabling user research and accelerator R&D programs today. 

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At left is physicist Dorian Bohler. Staff gathered in Bldg 52's main control room on October 6, anticipating seeing the first electrons from LCLS-II.

Energy Sciences Directorate

From studying chemical reactions that happen in the femtosecond timescale to advancing society’s energy technology, the Energy Sciences Directorate’s research addresses an enormous range of critical scientific challenges.

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Fang Liu, left, and Yi Cui, right, in the battery research lab at Stanford's MuCullough Building.

Fundamental Physics Directorate

The Fundamental Physics Directorate brings together scientists and technologies that support national priorities in particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology to explore the basic particles and forces that knit the cosmos together.

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From left, SCU Physics Prof. Betty Young, Software Developer Concetta "Tina" Cartaro and Senior Staff Scientist Richard Partridge put the fourth, and final, SuperCDMS tower safely back into its storage container.

Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) Directorate

The Linac Coherent Light Source at SLAC takes X-ray snapshots of atoms and molecules at work, revealing fundamental processes in materials, technology and living things. 

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RIX hutch

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) Directorate

The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource provides extremely bright X-rays that can be used to investigate various forms of matter ranging from objects of atomic and molecular size to man-made materials with unusual properties.

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SSRL RFX Instrument

Technology Innovation Directorate

The Technology Innovation Directorate leverages state-of-the-art scientific expertise and advanced instrumentation to develop novel technologies for a diverse sponsor base and for the benefit of the nation.

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SLAC‘s I-Corps Lite final presentations

Laboratory Directed Research & Development

The Laboratory Directed Research & Development program allocates resources to SLAC scientists to make rapid contributions in new areas, tackle high-risk/high-payoff problems and develop cross-disciplinary approaches to important scientific and technological challenges. 

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LDRD poster session

Core operations

Our core operations teams ensure smooth operations at the lab. They include finance, information technology, communications, facilities & operations, environmental safety and health, and human resources, all supporting our visionary science and technology mission.

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RISE Employee Resource Group quarterly meeting
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SLAC employees in the quad.
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Partnering with industry is part of SLAC’s mission to innovate and advance fundamental science and push the bounds of technology.

Bruis van Vlijmen is seen working inside the Battery Informatics Lab 1070.
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Get an overview of research at SLAC:  X-ray & ultrafast science, particle and astrophysics, cosmology, particle accelerators, biology, energy and technology.

Kayla Ninh at LCLS’s ChemRIX Hutch 2.2 in Near Experimental Hall.