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SLAC culture

Mission, vision, values

SLAC's mission, vision and values tell our story – what we do, and why. These statements are guiding principles that define our purpose, frame our lab’s goals and challenge us to see beyond the science we do today to the discoveries and impact we can have tomorrow.

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What we do 

Our mission

We explore how the universe works at the biggest, smallest and fastest scales and invent powerful tools used by scientists around the globe. Our research helps solve real-world problems and advances the interests of the nation.

SCU physics Professor, Software Developer, and Senior Staff Scientist put the SuperCDMS tower safely back into its storage container.

What we strive for 

Our vision 

We open new windows to the natural world and build a brighter future through discovery and innovation.

Developing the materials we need to improve our quality of life.
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What we live by

Our values

SLAC’s staff live by our values of excellence, integrity, collaboration, respect and creativity. 

The values we live by

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