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At SLAC, we strive to solve real-world problems through science and innovation. Be a part of a growing community in STEM. Find out about our educational and internship programs and participate in our lectures and events. Teachers can find materials here for educating STEM in the classroom and the real-world impact of our tools and techniques. 

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Today SLAC is a multi-program laboratory exploring the universe from the largest to the smallest to the fastest. Our efforts in new technology, such as machine learning and quantum information science, invite the brightest minds to solve challenges we face as a society.”

Chi-Chang Kao Former Lab Director Chi-Chang Kao, Former Lab Director.
Stillframe from video called SLAC from the sky
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is a Department of Energy national lab run by Stanford in the heart of Silicon Valley. We invent scientific tools to explore the universe at its biggest, its smallest and its fastest. Watch this short video to understand our place. (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
SAGE Students walking down the Far Experimental Hall

STEM opportunities

Are you interested in an internship opportunity that will provide you with enriching experiences? Do you want to be a part of a community that strives to solve real-world problems through science and innovation?

Education & Internship Programs

SLAC public tour in the Klystron Gallery Visitors Alcove

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Sign up for a virtual tour with live guides, launch our interactive, self-paced tour or register for an in-person tour at SLAC. The tour destinations are designed to give you the most exciting and informative views of the lab.  

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Register here to watch in person in the  Kavli Auditorium,  or watch the lecture live on our YouTube page. Plants draw energy for all...
public lecture poster illustration of electrons going over a bridge
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SLAC experimentalists and theorists collaborate to develop critical detector components, data analysis tools, and theoretical models for the HL-LHC upgrade, which will investigate the...

Eight pipes arrayed in a circle lead to a central experimental apparatus.
News Feature

Following the NIF ignition demonstrations, the prospect of developing a fusion energy source using lasers looks brighter than ever. 

Illustration featuring three SLAC scientists Alan Fry, Arianna Gleason, and Siegfried Glenzer.
News Feature

Seen in atomic detail, the seemingly smooth flow of ions through a battery’s electrolyte is a lot more complicated.

Photo of the laser lab apparatus used in the hopping ions experiment.
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Learn about our SLAC sciences by watching our past lecture recordings.

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Public lecture presented by Yi Cui

public lecture art charging ahead: batteries of the future

Public lecture presented by Cyndia Yu

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Ultra-bright X-ray laser pulses can be used to strip electrons away from atoms.
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Ghostly X-ray images could provide key info for analyzing X-ray laser experiments.
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STEM summer camps

SAGE campers participate in a leadership activity at Stanford University.
Department of Energy

High School Science Bowl

Students shoes at SLAC Regional Science Bowl