Staff engineer Bruis van Vlijmen demonstrates how he works in the Battery Informatics Lab at SLAC
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Industry partnerships

As one of 17 Department of Energy national laboratories, SLAC conducts research in a wide range of scientific areas and develops technologies in support of national priorities. Part of our DOE mission is to work with partners to innovate and spread the benefits of federally funded research and development out into society as a whole. SLAC regularly works with companies both small and large to solve technological challenges and advance technology for deployment into the global marketplace. This work is already benefiting companies and communities regionally and across the nation. 

SLAC researchers with equipment used in a molecular anvil study.

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Research partnerships and technology transfer

In collaboration with our partners, SLAC pursues innovative ideas to advance fundamental and applied research and push the limits of modern technology. We build and operate premier research facilities, and our scientists are leading experts in many scientific disciplines. Through a variety of research partnership agreements, SLAC gives companies and organizations access to this world-class scientific expertise and to facilities that are not found in the private sector.


Our scientific facilities

Scientists from universities, laboratories and private companies around the world use our cutting-edge research facilities.

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Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource provides extremely bright X-rays that scientists use in a wide range of research to probe matter on the scale of atoms and molecules. 

SSRL facility


Linac Coherent Light Source is the world’s first hard X-ray free-electron laser allowing researchers to make stop-action movies of chemistry in action and explore proteins for new pharmaceuticals.

Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) Undulator Hall


FACET-II provides high-energy electron beams for researching revolutionary particle accelerator technologies that could make future accelerators 100 to 1,000 times smaller and a lot more capable.

Selina Li, Sebastien Corde, and Philippe Hering in a FACET laser lab


The Stanford-SLAC Cryo-EM facility gives scientists unprecedented views of the inner workings of cells and of technologies like batteries and solar cells.

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Industry partnership news

News Feature

The Small Business Innovation Research Program brings government and private industry together to develop next-generation X-ray optics for LCLS-II.

A narrow two-mile long building stretches through trees and foothills.
News Feature

SLAC’s Matt Garrett and Susan Simpkins talk about tech transfer that brings innovations from the national lab to the people, including advances for medical...

Tech Transfer
Press Release

The latest advance from a research collaboration with industry could dramatically accelerate the development of sturdier batteries for fast-charging electric vehicles.

Studies of electrode nanoparticles for batteries.