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SLAC researchers are experts in a broad range of scientific disciplines, including X-ray and ultrafast science, physics of the universe, advanced accelerators, energy sciences, science of life and new technologies.


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Aina Cohen

Areas of research: structural biology; X-ray crystallography; synchrotrons and X-ray free-electron lasers; COVID-19 research and drug discovery; protein dynamics; experimental automation

Portrait of Aina Cohen

William Chueh

Areas of research:  energy science; materials for energy; clean energy; sustainability; batteries; energy storage and conversion electrochemistry; redox chemistry; engineering; materials science; X-ray science...

Portrait of Will Chueh

Adeyemi Adesanya

Areas of research: S3DF (SLAC Shared Science Data Facility); evaluating technologies for massive scale analytics; forming partnerships with technology providers; developing and recruiting computing...

Portrait of Adeyemi Adesanya
SLAC Experts

Johanna Nelson Weker

Areas of research: X-ray and ultrafast science; energy sciences; X-ray microscopy and X-ray characterization of materials far from equilibrium; energy storage; battery research; 3D...

Headshot of Johanna Nelson Weker
SLAC experts

Caterina Vernieri

Areas of research: Physics of the universe; particle physics; LHC physics with the ATLAS Experiment; Higgs boson; advanced accelerator R&D; future electron-positron collider R&D...

Caterina Vernieri headshot
SLAC experts

Michael Minitti

Areas of research: X-ray and ultrafast science; Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS); LCLS-II; molecular movies; chemical sciences; chemical dynamics; X-ray imaging; ultrafast electron diffraction...

Michael Minitti
SLAC Experts

Risa Wechsler

Areas of research: Physics of the universe; cosmology; astrophysical simulations; galaxy formation; galaxy surveys; dark matter; dark energy 

Risa Wechsler
SLAC Experts

Mark Hogan

Areas of research: Advanced accelerators; plasma wakefield acceleration 

Portrait of Mark Hogan
SLAC Experts

Thomas Jaramillo

Areas of research: Energy sciences; catalysis; sustainable production and use of fuels and chemicals

Thomas Jaramillo, SUNCAT director
SLAC Experts

Wah Chiu

Areas of research: Science of life; cryo-EM; bioimaging; RNA structure; cryo-ET of neuronal cells; atomic-resolution cryo-EM; pandemic-related structures

Photo of Professor Wah Chui with a cryo-electron micrcoscope
SLAC Experts

Daniel Ratner

Areas of research: New technologies; machine learning; deep learning; artificial intelligence; accelerator physics; physics and machine learning

Physicist Daniel Ratner.