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Ultrafast electron diffraction can reveal motions of electrons and atomic nuclei within molecules that take place in less than a tenth of a trillionth of a second – information that will benefit groundbreaking research in materials science, chemistry and biology.

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Scientists take first snapshots of ultrafast switching in a quantum electronic device.

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Researchers have uncovered new insights about tungsten's ability to conduct heat, which could lead to materials advancements for fusion reactor and aerospace technologies.

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The results  could lead to a better understanding of reactions with vital roles in chemistry and biology. 

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The results should further our understanding of similar reactions with vital roles in chemistry, such as the production of vitamin D in our bodies.

UED transition state
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A laser compressing an aluminum crystal provides a clearer view of a material’s plastic deformation, potentially leading to the design of stronger nuclear fusion...

an abstract illustration of rippling waves made of shining dots
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The results could lead to a better understanding of reactions with vital roles in chemistry and biology.

UED conformers
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The early career award honors Sood for his research and leadership using the LCLS user facility at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

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This is the first direct observation of a hydroxyl-hydronium complex – important for a wide range of chemical and biological processes from the tails...

ued ionized water
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The work sheds light on the web of hydrogen bonds that gives water its strange properties, which play a vital role in many chemical...

UED Water
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They discover a short-lived state that could lead to faster and more energy-efficient computing devices.

ultrafast switching
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers recognizes his contributions to developing electron beams that power unique ‘electron cameras’ and could advance X-ray lasers.

Xijie Wang
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Q-NEXT will tackle next-generation quantum science challenges through a public-private partnership, ensuring U.S. leadership in an economically crucial arena.

QIS public-private partnership.
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Revealing both sides of the story in a single experiment has been a grand scientific challenge.

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