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SIMES researchers study complex, novel materials that could transform the energy landscape by making computing much more efficient or transmitting power over long distances with no loss, for instance.

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Polarons, bubbles of distortion in a perovskite lattice.

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The coating significantly extends the battery's life and reduces the problems that cause batteries to burst into flames.

Stanford PhD students David Mackanic, left, and Zhiao Yu with their battery tester
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Combined with the lab’s LCLS X-ray laser, it’ll provide unprecedented atomic views of some of nature’s speediest processes.

Alex Reid, ultrafast electron diffraction (UED)
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A new twist on cryo-EM imaging reveals what’s going on inside MOFs, highly porous nanoparticles with big potential for storing fuel, separating gases and...

Images of cryo-EM equipment, CO2 molecule in cage
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Experiments at SLAC’s X-ray laser reveal in atomic detail how two distinct liquid phases in these materials enable fast switching between glassy and crystalline...

Diagram of material switching between glassy and crystalline states
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A laser technique lets researchers see how potentially dangerous growths form in batteries.

Microscopic images of lithium metal buildup in batteries
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Researchers used a unique approach to learn more about what happens to silicon under intense pressure.

silicon waves
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X-ray laser snapshots give scientists a new tool for probing trillionths-of-a-second atomic motions in 2-D materials

Experimental station at SLAC's LCLS X-ray laser where the study was done
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Watching electrons sprint between atomically thin layers of material will shed light on the fundamental workings of semiconductors, solar cells and other key technologies.

Illustration of electrons giving off electromagnetic waves as they travel between two materials
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New research offers the first complete picture of why a promising approach of stuffing more lithium into battery cathodes leads to their failure. A...

high capacity batteries
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Ultrafast manipulation of material properties with light could stimulate the development of novel electronics, including quantum computers.

Topological Switch Lead Art
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The SIMES researcher was a rare theorist who concerned himself with the implications of his abstract ideas about new quantum states of matter on...

Shoucheng Zhang
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Revealed for the first time by a new X-ray laser technique, their surprisingly unruly response has profound implications for designing and controlling materials.

Illustration of laser light setting off vibrations in material