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Under extreme conditions – like those in the hearts of planets or in exploding stars – materials can enter other exotic phases with unique characteristics. At SLAC, researchers are studying some of the most extreme and exotic forms of matter ever created, in detail never before possible.

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The results offer important implications for astrophysics and nuclear fusion research.

NIF experiment
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A new study has found that “diamond rain,” a long-hypothesized exotic type of precipitation on ice giant planets, could be more common than previously...
Diamond rain formation
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Researchers mimicked these extreme impacts in the lab and discovered new details about how they transform minerals in Earth’s crust.

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Through her work with this nationwide program, Curry plans to make high-power laser facilities more accessible to researchers.

Chandra Breanne Curry
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New observations of the atomic structure of iron reveal it undergoes "twinning" under extreme stress and pressure.

illustration of a hammer hitting the Earth's iron core
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High-power lasers will work in concert with the lab’s X-ray laser to dramatically improve our understanding of matter in extreme conditions.

diamond rain
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Their work helps reveal the inner workings of cells and the behavior of matter under extreme pressures and temperatures.

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She toured the lab’s powerful X-ray laser, looked at the construction of the world’s largest digital camera, and discussed climate research, industries of the...

Secretary Granholm virtual visit
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From the invisible world of elementary particles to the mysteries of the cosmos, recipients of this prestigious award for early career scientists explore nature...

Panofsky fellows
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Edward Hohenstein, Emma McBride and Caterina Vernieri study what happens to molecules hit by light, recreate extreme states of matter like those inside stars...

Early Career Awardees 2021
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A better understanding of the failure process will help researchers design new materials that can better withstand intense events such as high-velocity impacts.

material failure
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A better understanding of how this happens could help researchers hone future electronic measurements and offer insights into how X-rays interact with matter on...

Image - Artist's rendering of two laser beams striking sample.