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AOSD helps deliver beams of electrons and X-rays to scientific users 24 hours a day and coordinates maintenance and oversight of safety systems.

LCLS Undulator Hall at SLAC, March, 2020.

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Wan-Lin Hu’s job is to improve the way people and artificial intelligence collaborate to run SLAC’s complex machines.

Wan-Lin Hu is seen talking with talks with accelerator systems operator Kabir Lubana in the lab’s main Accelerator Control Room.
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FACET-II will pave the way for a future generation of particle colliders and powerful light sources, opening avenues in high-energy physics, medicine, and materials...

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Daniel Ratner, head of SLAC’s machine learning initiative, explains the lab’s unique opportunities to advance scientific discovery through machine learning.

Physicist Daniel Ratner.
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This leap in capability will allow scientists to investigate quantum and chemical systems more directly than ever before.

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It combines human knowledge and expertise with the speed and efficiency of “smart” computer algorithms.

Accelerator Control Room
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For mechanical engineer Sarah Edwards, SSRL is the ultimate classic car.

photo of Sarah Edwards
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In SLAC’s accelerator control room, shift lead Ben Ripman and a team of operators fine-tune X-ray beams for science experiments around the clock.

Ben Ripman in SLAC's accelerator control room.
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“The Worlds Within” and “Fabrication of the Accelerator Structure,” now available digitally in high fidelity, tell the story of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center’s inception...

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After 50 Years of Operation, One-third of the Lab’s Historic Linear Accelerator Is Extracted to Build Powerful New X-Ray Laser

photo - the empty accelerator tunnel
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During a recent shutdown, engineers installed new beamline technology and a 3-D virtual tour captured rare views of the synchrotron’s interior.

New in-vacuum undulator
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Steady to a Fault

How do accelerators survive in some of the most earthquake-prone regions on Earth?