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Past Event · Public Lecture

Clocking Electrons: an Attosecond Stopwatch

Register here  to watch in person in the  Kavli Auditorium,  or watch the lecture live on our YouTube page. Electrons in a molecule zip around the atom in times measured in billionths of a billionth of a second, or...
Public Lecture Siqi Li Poster
Register here  to watch in person in the  Kavli Auditorium,  or watch the lecture live on our YouTube page. The afterglow from the Big Bang, called the "cosmic microwave background radiation," serves as the backlight in a shadow...
Public Lecture Poster - Cosmic Shadow Theater: Casting Light on Galaxies

UPDATE: This lecture has been postponed. Please check back for updates. 

Public Lecture: Taran Driver

Presented by Axel Levy.

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Past Event · Public lecture

What in the cell is going on?

Presented by Peter  D. Dahlberg. Viewing cellular machinery at the nanoscale. 

cryo-EM image of Caulobacter bacterium
Past Event · Public Lecture

Charging ahead: batteries of the future

Presented by Yi Cui, SLAC/Stanford University. To transform our energy sources to carbon neutrality, we need to power as much of modern society as possible with clean electricity.

public lecture art charging ahead: batteries of the future
Past Event · Public Lecture

Seeing the Universe Through Quantum Eyes

Presented by Cyndia Yu. Since the earliest times, we humans have attempted to understand and explain the world around us by observing our surroundings.

illustration of universe and human eye

Presented by Rachael Kretsch. SARS-Cov-2 and other RNA viruses are formidable natural foes of humanity. To fight them, we must understand them better, especially their main component, RNA.

Revolutionary 3-D Views of Viral RNA Using Cryogenic Electron Microscopy

Presented by Ben Ofori-Okai. Earth’s magnetic field does more than just help us to navigate. It is also used by animals for orientation and migration,  and it protects life on Earth from charged particles that stream in from the sun...

Public lecture poster for Getting to the Core of Earth’s Magnetic Field

Presented by Franklin Fuller. Over billions of years, plants and cyanobacteria changed the Earth’s atmosphere by inhaling carbon dioxide, storing the carbon in solid biomass and exhaling oxygen.

Public Lecture poster: picture of movie