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Past Event · Seminars and conferences

Image Sensors for Precision Astronomy (ISPA 2024)

Addressing the challenges of making state-of-the-art measurements with imperfect detectors.

Past Event · Public Lecture

Searching for Trolls under the Electron Bridge

Register here to watch in person in the  Kavli Auditorium,  or watch the lecture live on our YouTube page. Plants draw energy for all their chemical reactions from sunlight. Why can't we? In theory, this can be done by building...
public lecture poster illustration of electrons going over a bridge
Past Event · Seminars and conferences

APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP)

The goal of APS CUWiP is to help undergraduate women continue in physics by providing them with the opportunity to experience a professional conference, information about graduate school and professions in physics, and access to other women in physics of...

Silhouettes of women with chalkboard sketches
Past Event · Public Lecture

Faster! Catching up to electrons on the move

Presented by Taran Driver

Taran Driver Public Lecture
Past Event · Special Event

SLAC Project Opportunity Day

In conjunction with SLAC’s Small Business | Supplier Diversity Program. Representatives from SLAC projects, research, facilities, operations, and others will be on hand to provide information and upcoming procurement opportunities.
SLAC from the sky
Past Event · Special Event

National Lab Research SLAM

On Nov. 15, 17 early-career scientists - one from each national lab - will compete at the inaugural National Lab Research SLAM in Washington, D.C.

National Lab Research SLAM poster graphic
Past Event · Seminars and conferences

Coordinating Panel for Advanced Detectors (CPAD) Workshop

The Coordinating Panel for Advanced Detectors (CPAD), seeks to promote, coordinate and assist in the research and development of instrumentation and detectors for high energy physics experiments.

Detector in cleanroom

In this lecture, we will together embark on an adventure to uncover the enigmatic and awe-inspiring secrets of the Sun through the lens of solar astrophysics.

View of the sun with different filters
Past Event · Special Event

Solar eclipse viewing party

Let’s observe a magnificent partial solar eclipse together! In addition to telescope viewings, this event will also feature a livestream of the annular eclipse as well as hands-on activities on topics related to the eclipse, solar physics, optics, and the...

Partial solar eclipse timelapse
Past Event · Special Event

Bay Area Research SLAM

The Bay Area Research SLAM is a collaboration between the Bay Area's National Labs:  Berkeley, Livermore, Sandia, and SLAC. The SLAM is a competition where contestants give a three-minute presentation, with only one slide, describing their research to a live...
Bay Area Research SLAM flyer