Particle Physics From the Inside Out

SLAC particle theorist Stan Brodsky has learned how to dive into the equations of particle physics to look for deeper meaning.

I'm Stan Brodsky and and I've very been

very fortunate to be here at slack since

1966 and had a you know wonderful career

of work here in theoretical physics

developing lots of things I don't just

sit at paper and pencil I really think

through the equations as I work as I

think about it and think about the

consistency and as am i walking along I

remember the equation I think of what it

means and what it's what's the

implications are so as you do that and

you think more and more about the

physics underlying the equations it

becomes very real one of my philosophies

is not to believe what everybody thinks

is gospel it's not good idea because we

don't progress so you should always

challenge existing wisdom and I do that

a lot actually and sometimes it makes

doesn't make friends because people

don't like to think that their own idea

could be wrong but actually sometimes it

happens I often quote this this

quotation from Mark Twain where he said

that truth is stranger than fiction

because in fiction you know the

possibilities and that is really right

because we as we learn more and more

about how the world works physics works

we find that there's more surprises that

nobody really anticipated

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