Media use guidelines

All media content is © SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Downloading, displaying, using or copying any media indicates your agreement to be bound by SLAC’s media use guidelines below.

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  • Requests to use SLAC visuals or media materials shall be sent by email to SLAC’s media relations manager and specify the way in which SLAC images and selections of film and video footage will be used. The media relations manager may only provide permission to use such materials for these specified purposes. SLAC images and selections of film and video footage produced and publicly released by SLAC may be used for educational purposes only and crediting “SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.”
  • As a Department of Energy laboratory, SLAC will not promote or endorse, or appear to promote or endorse, a commercial product, service or activity. SLAC does not permit use of the SLAC logo and other SLAC indicia in advertisements. Any references to SLAC in an advertisement must be factually accurate. Commercials or other advertisements or marketing activities are not permitted to be shot at SLAC. The SLAC logo cannot appear on websites that contain open advertising.
  • Employees who are currently employed by SLAC cannot have their names, likenesses or other personality traits displayed in any advertisements or marketing material. Former SLAC employees who no longer work for SLAC can grant permission for the use of their names, likenesses or other personality traits in their discretion, but their former affiliation with SLAC may not be used to promote any product, service or activity. For deceased employees, their estates may retain rights in the deceased person’s name, likeness or other personality traits, so permission may still be needed. SLAC may not grant the right to use names, likenesses or other personality traits on behalf of these individuals.
  • A separate Location Release is required for requests to enter the SLAC premises for filming, photography or other media activity.