Past Lectures

SLAC Public Lecture Series

Date Lecture Title Presenter
06/02/2022 Seeing the Universe through Quantum Eyes Cyndia Yu
04/07/2022 Revolutionary 3-D Views of Viral RNA Using Cryogenic Electron Microscopy Rachael Kretsch
02/03/2022 Getting to the Core of Earth’s Magnetic Field Ben Ofori-Okai
11/18/2021 Photosynthesis: How Plants Build the Air we Breathe - Atom by Atom Franklin Fuller
09/30/2021 The Tug of War that Shapes the Universe Justin Myles
07/29/2021 Leaving Transistors in the Dust: Visualizing the Next Computing Revolution Aaron Lindenberg
05/27/2021 Shocking Origin: Meteor Impacts and the Chemistry of Life Arianna Gleason
03/25/2021 A Camera for the Invisible: Bringing the Higgs Boson into Focus Caterina Vernieri
02/11/2021 Improving Batteries from the Atoms Up Yijin Liu
11/10/2020 How Science Unlocks Copper's Hidden Powers Diana Gamzina
10/08/2020 Viewing the Beginning of Time from the Most Remote Places on Earth Live Q&A with Zeeshan Ahmed
06/02/2020 Discovering the Colors of Fossil Creatures Live Q&A with Nick Edwards
01/28/2020 A Sparkle in the Dark: The Outlandish Quest for Dark Matter Maria Elena Monzani
11/19/2019 How to Bend a Stream of Dark Matter and Make it Shine Sebastian Ellis
10/01/2019 Super-Human Operator: Controlling Accelerators with Machine Learning Auralee Edelen
07/30/2019 Brown Dwarfs: Failed Stars or Overachieving Planets? Eric Nielsen
05/21/2019 Seeing is Exploding: Snapping Biological Images with X-ray Laser Blasts Sebastien Boutet
03/26/2019 3D Printing for Perfect Metal Parts Christopher Tassone
01/29/2019 Making Waves in a Superconductor Giacomo Coslovich
11/27/2018 Liquid Diamonds: New Materials at Pressures of the Earth's Core Emma McBride
09/25/2018 Cryo-EM: Amazing 3-D Views of Life’s Molecular Machines Wah Chiu
07/24/2018 10 Years of Cosmic Fireworks with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope Eric Charles
05/29/2018 The New Grid: 100% Clean Energy for All Sila Kiliccote
04/03/2018 Axions: Ghost Riders in the Sky Hendrik Vogel
01/30/2018 Catalysis: the Hidden Path to Foods, Fuels and Our Future Simon Bare
11/28/2017 Paint-On Solar Cells: How the Magic Happens Kevin Stone
10/03/2017 Viewing the Beginning of Time from the Most Remote Places on Earth Zeeshan Ahmed
07/25/2017 Flares and Fireworks from Black Holes Dan Wilkins (KIPAC, SLAC and Stanford U.)
06/06/2017 Holograms at the Nanoscale: New Imaging for Nature's Tiniest Structures Taisia Gorkhover
04/11/2017 Caught on Camera: The Secret Lives of Life's Molecules Raymond Sierra
01/31/2017 Galaxy Clusters and the Life and Death of the Universe Eli Rykoff
11/29/2016 Dark Matter: Detecting Gravity’s Hidden Hand Tom Shutt
09/27/2016 A Material World: a Renaissance at the Atomic Scale Rob Moore
08/02/2016 Catching Light: Making the most of solar energy Kristjan Kunnus
05/24/2016 Gravitational Waves: The Sound of Black Holes Colliding Brian Lantz
03/29/2016 Reinventing Batteries Yi Cui, Stanford University / SLAC
01/26/2016 Supernovas: Gravity-powered Neutrino Bombs Alex Friedland
11/17/2015 Cosmic Clue: The Dark Matter Mystery Andrea Albert
09/29/2015 Now Playing: Molecular Movies Mike Minitti
07/14/2015 Caught in the Act! Chemical Reactions Exposed Jerry LaRue
05/19/2015 Pictures of Other Worlds: Exploring the Atmospheres of Exoplanets Bruce Macintosh
03/24/2015 Jupiter in a Bottle: Extreme States of Matter in the Laboratory Siegfried Glenzer
01/27/2015 Starting From the Bottom: The Hunt for New Physics at the LHC Michael Kagan
11/18/2014 Quantum CSI: Profiling Molecules with X-rays Ryan Coffee
05/27/2014 X-rays Reveal Secret Life of Batteries Johanna Nelson Weker
03/25/2014 Mutant Ribosomes and the Action of Antibiotics Hasan DeMirci
01/28/2014 Electron Superhighway: a Quantum Leap for Computing Shoucheng Zhang
07/23/2013 The Dark Universe Through Einstein's Lens Debbie Bard
12/03/2013 Here Be Monsters: Tales of the Hot Universe Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo
10/01/2013 Don't Fade Away: Saving the Vivid Yellows of Matisse and Van Gogh Jennifer Mass
02/27/2007 Hydrogen: Fueling the Future Jennifer Leisch
12/12/2006 Making Molecular Movies: 10,000,000,000,000 Frames per Second Kelly Gaffney
10/24/2006 The Violent Universe Eduardo do Couto e Silva
08/29/2006 A Comet on Earth: Results from the Stardust Mission Sean Brennan
06/27/2006 Whispers of the Big Bang Sarah Church
08/28/2007 The Dark Side of the Universe Marusa Bradac
06/19/2007 The Large Hadron Collider: Redefining High Energy Sarah Demers
04/24/2007 Robots: Fantasy and Reality David Grossman
11/17/2009 ZAP! The X-Ray Laser is Born Daniel Ratner
03/23/2010 Deep Secrets of the Neutrino: Physics Underground P.C. Rowson
01/29/2013 Quantum Lightswitch: A New Direction in Ultrafast Electronics Joshua Turner
09/29/2009 Journey to the Center of the Earth Wendy Mao
06/23/2009 Cosmic Accelerators: Engines of the Extreme Universe Stefan Funk
03/26/2013 A Blueprint for New Fuel Cell Catalysts Daniel Friebel
04/25/2006 Space: The Hunt for Hidden Dimensions JoAnne Hewett
05/25/2010 Ultimate Atomic Bling: Nanotechnology of Diamonds Dr. Jeremy Dahl
05/21/2013 Black holes and galaxies: A love-hate relationship Silvia Bonoli
02/28/2006 Arsenic: The Silent Killer Andrea Foster
09/28/2010 Leading the Charge:Exotic New Materials for Future Devices Yulin Chen
04/28/2009 Black Holes, the Brightest Objects in the Universe Prof. Jonathan McKinney
12/13/2005 Archimedes: Accelerator Reveals Ancient Text Uwe Bergmann
11/30/2010 Smashing Protons: First Physics at the LHC David Miller
02/24/2009 Water: The Strangest Liquid Prof. Anders Nilsson
08/30/2005 Neutrinos Get Under Your Skin Boris Kayser
01/25/2011 Archaeopteryx: Bringing the Dino-Bird to Life Uwe Bergmann
12/16/2008 Big Machines and Big Science: 80 Years of Accelerators at Stanford Dr. Gregory Loew
06/28/2005 LCLS: Ultrafast Science Philip Bucksbaum
03/22/2011 Life Redefined: Microbes Built with Arsenic Sam Webb, SLAC and Felisa Wolfe-Simon
10/28/2008 ANTIMATTER: What is it and where did it go? Dr. Aaron Roodman
04/26/2005 Smarter Drugs: How Protein Crystallography Revolutionizes Drug Design Clyde Smith
05/24/2011 Particle Accelerator on a Chip Christopher McGuinness
08/26/2008 How Plants Do it: Light, Oxygen, Action! Prof. Vittal Yachandra
02/22/2005 Profiling the Invisible: Quantum Mechanics and the Unseen Universe Michael Peskin
09/27/2011 Deep Science: Mining for Dark Matter Sunil Golwala
06/24/2008 The Mysteries of Diamonds: Bizarre History, Amazing Properties, Unique Applications Harris Kagan
12/14/2004 Physical Attraction: The Mysteries of Magnetism Joachim Stohr
11/29/2011 Chasing Super Bugs with Smarter Drug Design Clyde Smith
04/29/2008 Cosmic Dawn: The First Star in the Universe Tom Abel
10/26/2004 The Runaway Universe Roger Blandford
01/24/2012 Printing Solar Cells for Greener Energy Michael McGehee
02/26/2008 From Atoms to Animals: The Vital Force in Biology Roger Kornberg
08/31/2004 Metals, Molecules, Life and Death Graham George
03/27/2012 Engineering Human Touch Stefan Mannsfeld
12/11/2007 Hunting the Elusive Higgs Boson and the Origin of Mass Lance Dixon
06/29/2004 Our Lopsided Universe: The Matter with Anti-Matter Steve Sekula
05/22/2012 Magnetic Movies: Watching Memory Bits Dance Bill Schlotter
10/30/2007 Dark Energy. What the ...? Risa Wechsler
04/27/2004 Synchrotron Radiation: The Light Fantastic Herman Winick
07/31/2012 In the Shadow of the HIGGS! Emanuel Strauss
02/24/2004 All About SLAC: What Goes On In the World's Longest Building Neil Calder
10/02/2012 Saving the Mary Rose: Synchrotrons and the Preservation of a Tudor Warship Ritimukta Sarangi
01/26/2010 Molecules in the Spotlight James Cryan
11/27/2012 Supernova Shock Waves: Powerhouses of the Galaxy Yasunobu Uchiyama