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In order to promote commuting to SLAC by electric vehicle (EV), SLAC has low-cost electric chargers located in several areas on site for personal use by staff and on-site visitors with EVs.

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Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are comprised of employees all across the lab, from scientists to engineers to operations staff.

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From studying chemical reactions that happen in femtosecond timescale to advancing society’s energy technology, the Energy Sciences Directorate’s research addresses an enormous range of critical scientific challenges.

Arrillaga Science Center building

SLAC is committed to protecting the health and safety of our staff, the community, and the environment as we carry out our scientific mission.

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Learn about SLAC’s exciting public events, lectures and other special programs happening at the lab or online.

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Get an overview of research at SLAC:  X-ray & ultrafast science, particle and astrophysics, cosmology, particle accelerators, biology, energy and technology.

Illustration of X-ray laser pulses stripping electrons away from atoms

Providing SLAC with a sustainable platform capable of supporting current and future science missions.

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