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Located deep underground, the SuperCDMS experiment will search for dark matter particles with masses smaller than ten times the mass of the proton.

SuperCDMS Experiment

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Sensors designed and created at SLAC could help a proposed satellite mission map the X-ray emissions of galaxies with unprecedented precision.

a hexagonal, copper and gold-colored experimental apparatus.

The collaboration is searching for dark matter particles with masses smaller than ten times the mass of the proton.

SuperCDMS Detector 2
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The reanalysis considered new types of particle collisions and how dark matter particles interact with the Earth. 

clusters of galaxies collide showing separation of dark matter
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They’ll work on experiments searching for dark matter and physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics to push our understanding of what makes...

Kelly Stifter and Julia Gonski.
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The first pair of towers are now at the Ontario facility, where they'll further the hunt for dark matter particles.

SuperCDMS tower
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The Stanford Board of Trustees held its first meeting of the 2022-23 academic year Oct. 17-18. Trustees toured the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and...

Aerial photo of SLAC research yard

From left, SCU Physics Prof. Betty Young, Software Developer Concetta "Tina" Cartaro and Senior Staff Scientist Richard Partridge put the fourth, and final, SuperCDMS...

The fourth, and final, SuperCDMS tower is put back into its storage container
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Edelen draws on machine learning to fine tune particle accelerators, while Kurinsky develops dark matter detectors informed by quantum information science.

Side by side photographs of a woman and a man.
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The SLAC/Stanford scientists are among 120 new members of an organization that advises the nation on science and technology issues.

NAS 2020
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Early-career physicist Jonathan LeyVa helps build one of the world’s most sensitive dark matter detectors.

Jonathan LeyVa/SuperCDMS
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The building boom

These projects, selected during the process to plan the future of US particle physics, are all set to come online within the next 10...

Illustration of various science experiments
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Dark matter vibes

New technology could help future SuperCDMS SNOLAB experiment expand the search for light dark matter particles

SuperCDMS Prototype Crystal