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Early morning in the quad, Stanford University

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Physicist and scientific leader Sarrao will become SLAC’s sixth director and succeeds X-ray scientist Chi-Chang Kao, who stepped down after 10 years in the...

Headshot of John Sarrao
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Under his leadership, the lab diversified its research portfolio, expanded its science impact, advanced major projects, increased collaboration with Stanford and met the challenges...

A man in a blue shirt and gray suit poses in front of a large scientific apparatus.
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Under his 10-year leadership, the lab has significantly expanded its research and impact.

Chi-Chang Kao
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One of 17 national laboratories supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, SLAC is also marking its 60th anniversary this year.

Aerial view of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
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An extension of the Stanford Research Computing Facility will host several data centers to handle the unprecedented data streams that will be produced by...

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After decades of experience in the DOE lab system and as director of a leading synchrotron light source, he’s back to where he earned...

Stephen Streiffer
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SLAC’s Matt Garrett and Susan Simpkins talk about tech transfer that brings innovations from the national lab to the people, including advances for medical...

Tech Transfer
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She toured the lab’s powerful X-ray laser, looked at the construction of the world’s largest digital camera, and discussed climate research, industries of the...

Secretary Granholm virtual visit
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Q-NEXT will tackle next-generation quantum science challenges through a public-private partnership, ensuring U.S. leadership in an economically crucial arena.

QIS public-private partnership.
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The technology could save the lives of COVID-19 patients when more advanced ventilators are too expensive or not available.

Ventilator Prototype

This documentary chronicles SLAC’s history, shares personal experiences from some of its directors, scientists and innovators, and offers a glimpse into the many projects...

video stillframe history of SLAC

Blandford’s major contributions range from energetic jets ripping forth from colossal black holes to cosmic “magnifying” glasses to gravitational waves.

Roger Blandford