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It uses terahertz radiation to power a miniscule copper accelerator structure.

Terahertz accelerator structure
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Researchers have squeezed a high-energy electron beam into tight bundles using terahertz radiation, a promising advance in watching the ultrafast world of atoms unfold.

SLAC’s Emma Snively and Mohamed Othman at the lab’s high-speed “electron camera."
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Two projects will look for ways to link individual quantum devices into networks for quantum computing and ultrasensitive detectors.

QIS microantenna
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The SLAC scientists will each receive $2.5 million for their research on fusion energy and advanced radiofrequency technology.

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The 4-inch-tall device could be used in portable transmitters for rescue missions and other challenging applications demanding high mobility.

Over-horizon communication
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SLAC and Stanford researchers secure support for two projects that share one goal: to reduce the side effects of radiation therapy by vastly shrinking...

Researchers at SLAC and Stanford are developing new accelerator-based technology that aims to speed up cancer radiation therapy.