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The X-ray Correlation Spectroscopy (XCS) instrument at the LCLS allows the study of equilibrium- and non-equilibrium dynamics in disordered or modulated materials.

Sanghoon Song in the XCS Hutch 4 in the Far Experimental Hall.

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Scientists developed a groundbreaking technology that allows them to see sound waves and microscopic defects inside crystals, promising insights that connect ultrafast atomic motion...

CXI hutch
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With up to a million X-ray flashes per second, 8,000 times more than its predecessor, it transforms the ability of scientists to explore atomic-scale...

LCLS-II first light
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Chemical reactions often involve intermediate steps that are too fast and complex for us to see  – even using our most advanced scientific instruments...

This is a graphic representation of an intermediate chemical reaction. The image shows the chemical reaction, a laser, X-rays and a detector system.
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In the decade since LCLS produced its first light, it has pushed boundaries in countless areas of discovery.

Undulator Hall
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A team led by SLAC scientists combined powerful magnetic pulses with some of the brightest X-rays on the planet to discover a surprising 3-D...

Image - In this artistic rendering, a magnetic pulse (right) and X-ray laser light (left) converge on a superconductor material to study the behavior of its electrons. (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
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Experiment Shows Potential of X-ray Laser to Study Complex, Poorly Understood Materials

Illustration of a polystrene molecular chain and Styrofoam cups, which are made of polystyrene.
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John Hill watched with eager anticipation as controllers ramped up the power systems driving SLAC's X-ray laser in an attempt to achieve the record...

Photo - Linear accelerator tunnel at SLAC. (SLAC Multimedia Communications)
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After five night shifts of shooting pairs of X-ray pulses through soups of fine sand and gold, Aymeric Robert was tired but exhilarated. The...

 The team that conducted the first experiment on the X-ray Correlation Spectroscopy instrument at SLAC's Linac Coherent Light Source