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The high repetition rate of LCLS-II combined with advanced instrumentation for time-resolved resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) will map the energy distribution and evolution of occupied and unoccupied molecular orbitals of model complexes and functional photo-catalysts in liquid environments. Understanding the fundamental processes of photo-chemistry is essential for directed design of photo-catalytic systems for chemical transformation and solar energy conversion that are efficient, chemically selective, robust, and based on earth-abundant elements. The beamline will have two separate instruments with fixed interaction points – qRIXS and chemRIXS.  In the hutch the qRIXS endstation will be situated upstream, while the chemRIXS endstation will be located downstream.

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With up to a million X-ray flashes per second, 8,000 times more than its predecessor, it transforms the ability of scientists to explore atomic-scale...

LCLS-II first light
Kayla Ninh at LCLS’s ChemRIX Hutch 2.2 in Near Experimental Hall. 
Kayla Ninh at LCLS’s ChemRIX Hutch 2.2 in Near Experimental Hall.