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SLAC fundamental physics researchers study everything from elementary particles produced in accelerators to the large-scale structure of the universe. 

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His work aims to deepen our understanding of dark matter, dark energy and other secrets of the universe.

Photo of Panofsky fellow Daniel Gruen
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The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument begins final testing, setting the stage for a 5-year survey that will analyze the light of 35 million galaxies.

DESI ‘eyes’
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Chemist Ben Ofori-Okai investigates what happens to matter under extreme conditions at microscopic scales to better understand its behavior at massive scales, such as...

Ben Ofori-Okai
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Early-career physicist Jonathan LeyVa helps build one of the world’s most sensitive dark matter detectors.

Jonathan LeyVa/SuperCDMS
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An “out there” theory inspired the development of the Dark Matter Radio, a device that could explain the mysterious matter that makes up 85...

Dark Matter Radio
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The complete data from the EXO-200 experiment provide new information on neutrinoless double beta decay and set the stage for future experiments that will...

The EXO-200 underground detector.
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The SLAC scientists will each receive $2.5 million for their research on fusion energy and advanced radiofrequency technology.

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Maria Elena Monzani prepares an international team to search for clues to one of the biggest scientific mysteries.

Maria Elena Monzani at the LZ test facility
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A SLAC/Stanford study of the population of satellite galaxies orbiting the Milky Way provides new clues about the particle nature of dark matter.

Dark matter simulation
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Four large meshes made from 2 miles of metal wire will extract potential signals of dark matter particles.

LZ Grids Weaving
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SLAC completed its work on ComCam, a commissioning device to be installed in Chile later this year.

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Building the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope also means solving extraordinary technological challenges.

LSST camera engineering