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Fermi’s Large Area Telescope will perform a continuous, all-sky survey to study a range of astrophysical phenomena, including indirect searches for dark matter.

Illustration of a Fermi spacecraft.

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The latest results put the strongest constraints on the expansion of the universe ever obtained with DES supernova data.

Blanco Telescope
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Supermassive black holes at the hearts of distant galaxies – and even our own sun – shine in the new movie. 

A blobby trail of orange, surrounded by red and blue, cuts across a black background.
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This month marks the 30-year anniversary of the first website in North America, launched at SLAC. In this Q&A, one of the Wizards recalls...

Group photo of SLAC WWW Wizards in an office
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From the invisible world of elementary particles to the mysteries of the cosmos, recipients of this prestigious award for early career scientists explore nature...

Panofsky fellows
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Matching up maps of matter and light from the Dark Energy Survey and Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope may help astrophysicists understand what causes a...

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Our best model of particle physics explains only about 5 percent of the universe.

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Astrophysicists use a catalog of extended gamma-ray sources spotted by Fermi spacecraft to home in on mysterious properties of deep space.

Fermi extended sources
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A team of electrical designers develops specialized microchips for a broad range of scientific applications, including X-ray science and particle physics.

This illustration shows the layout of an application-specific integrated circuit, or ASIC, at an imaginary art exhibition.
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Presented by Eric Charles. A single gamma ray carries millions of times the energy of a single photon of visible light.  This means that...

stillframe image from lecture titled 10 Years of Cosmic Fireworks with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
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By capturing the most energetic light in the sky, the spacecraft continues to teach us about the mysteries of the universe.

Fermi scientists Michelson, Atwood and Ritz
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The era of multi-messenger astronomy promises rich rewards—and a steep learning curve.

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Sensitive gamma-ray “eye” on NASA’s Fermi space telescope continues to provide unprecedented views of violent phenomena in the cosmos.

Fermi in Space.