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Liquid Diamonds: New Materials at Pressures of the Earth's Core

Emma McBride ,
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at 7:30 pm

At the center of the Earth, matter is crushed under pressures millions of times higher than  we experience here on the surface.  Pressures in the cores of stars and giant planets are even more extreme. To understand how the Earth, Jupiter, and even larger planets outside our solar system came to be, we need to understand the behavior of materials in these extreme conditions. Here at SLAC, we have found ways to push matter to these tremendous temperatures and pressures, if only for very short periods of time. This lecture will describe some of the surprising and even bizarre states of matter we can now create in the laboratory.


About the Speaker:
Emma McBride

Emma McBride is a Panofsky Fellow in SLAC’s High Energy Density Science Division. She received her PhD in 2014 from the University of Edinburgh, where she investigated how high pressure can cause simple metals to behave in unexpected ways. She spent two years at the DESY laboratory in Hamburg, Germany, as a postdoctoral researcher, and then came to SLAC as a Peter Paul Ewald fellow. She has developed dynamic shock compression techniques that can drive solids to extreme pressures, as well as methods for analyzing these massively crushed materials using  X-ray lasers at DESY and SLAC. 


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