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Presented by Rachael Kretsch. SARS-Cov-2 and other RNA viruses are formidable natural foes of humanity. To fight them, we must understand them better, especially...

Revolutionary 3-D Views of Viral RNA Using Cryogenic Electron Microscopy
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More than 300 gathered for a day-long symposium to celebrate the history and future of the pioneering X-ray laser.

group photo from LCLS 10-year anniversary symposium
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The annual conference for scientists who conduct research at SLAC’s light sources engaged about 470 researchers in talks, workshops and discussions.

2018 Users Conference
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The DOE’s top official met with SLAC staff and toured the Linac Coherent Light Source X-ray laser, where a superconducting upgrade is underway.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry at SLAC's LCLS undulator hall

In this lecture, SLAC’s Ryan Coffee explains how researchers are beginning to use pattern recognition and machine learning to study chemical reactions at the...

Researchers are using powerful synchrotron-based X-rays to peer inside lithium-ion batteries while they operate. Understanding how batteries function – and what causes them to...