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A materials scientist who specializes in superconductors, Sarrao brings a deep background in national lab leadership and the evolution of SLAC science. 

Headshot of John Sarrao

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Electron transfer atomic motions concept illustration

Linac towards SLAC campus. 

Linac towards SLAC campus
View of SLAC’s LCLS-II First Light celebration on October 26th 2023 with DOE Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm and LCLS team
LCLS-ii First Light Celebration Group

SLAC’s campus looking south with Interstate 280 in the distance.

Front Page - SLAC campus view
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“The Worlds Within” and “Fabrication of the Accelerator Structure,” now available digitally in high fidelity, tell the story of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center’s inception...

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Two dozen teams competed for a chance to go to the Nationals, and 60 trained volunteers worked to make the regional contest happen.

Regional Science Bowl champion team
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After losing its first match of the day to the defending champions, The Harker School’s team won 10 consecutive rounds to claim victory in...

Harker's championship team
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Every day at SLAC, scientists from all over the world focus their minds – and some of the most advanced scientific technologies – on...

A Screenshot of a SLAC Signals email