Photo Exhibit Highlights SLAC History

February 6, 2014

As part of the opening of the new Research Support Building, SLAC's Archives and History Office is currently displaying a photo exhibition called "SLAC Perspectives: Then and Now." The photos below, taken from the new exhibit, give a glimpse of SLAC's construction and early years. (Note: Click on a photo to open it up in a larger screen with caption information.)

Signing SLAC Construction Contract (1962)  SLAC Site Dedication (1962)  SLAC Linac Construction Trench (1963)  SLAC Dining Area (1963)  Aerial of SLAC Construction (1963)  SLAC Linac Excavation (1964)  Linear Accelerator Schematics (1965)  Aerial View of SLAC (1966)  SLAC Dedication (1967)  View of SLAC Lawn (1967)  SLAC Glee Club (1970)  The Homebrew Computer Club (1978)  Casting Paleoparadoxia (1968)  Paleoparadoxia Replica (1991)  Paleoparadoxia Replica (2013)

For more on SLAC's past, visit the SLAC History page or the Archives & History Office.


Photo - linac construction
A new photo exhibition, currently on display in SLAC's Research Support Building, highlights SLAC history. (All photos courtesy of the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Archives & History Office)