February 8, 2012

Seen Above SLAC: A Bird's-Eye View of the Lab

Seen Above SLAC: A Bird's-Eye View of the Lab

By Mike Ross

About 50 new aerial photos of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have been added to the lab’s Flickr photostream.

The new images range from sweeping vistas showing the entire 2-mile-long linac (and across the Stanford campus and San Francisco Bay to the East Bay hills) to pictures of individual lab buildings.

SLAC's multimedia communications manager, Brad Plummer, took the photos with the help of an assistant during a series of helicopter passes made on Jan. 26 in conjunction with SLAC’s 50th anniversary kickoff celebration.

SLAC’s Flickr collection now totals more than 150 photographs organized into seven sets. With appropriate credit, the public is welcome to reproduce these photos without modification free of charge for editorial purposes, such as illustrations in articles, reports or presentations.


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SLAC's 2-mile long linear accelerator
Looking east down SLAC's 2-mile long linear accelerator toward Stanford and the San Francisco Bay. (Photo by Brad Plummer)