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The largest camera ever built for astrophysics has completed the journey to Cerro Pachón in Chile, where it will soon help unlock the Universe’s mysteries.

A semi truck traveling a gravel road approaches two large telescope facilities.

Researchers developed new methods that produce intense attosecond pulses and pulse pairs to gain insights into the fastest motions inside atoms and molecules. It could lead to advancements in fields ranging from chemistry to materials science.


Two determined fellows share their thoughts on representation, mentorship and staying true to themselves in STEM.

Annette Mendoza and Damion Tingle
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Tomorrow’s physics test: machine learning

Machine learning is becoming an essential part of a physicist’s toolkit. How should new students learn to use it?

Illustration: A student scientist embroiders their graduation cap with atom

Physics may seem like its own world, but different sectors using machine learning are all part of the same universe. 

Illustration of a scientist cutting a piece of bias tape with scissors

Harold Hwang and Tony Heinz were among 124 newly elected members.

Harold Hwang and Tony Heinz

The first reflective coating was applied to Vera C. Rubin Observatory’s 8.4-meter combined primary/tertiary mirror using the observatory’s onsite coating chamber.

A large mirror reflects equipment in the background.

SLAC is taking part in a multi-institutional effort to help reach net-zero carbon emissions goals in difficult-to-electrify industries.

This is a graphic representation of the roadmap to defossilize carbon
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Symmetry: AI for control rooms

Scientists inside and outside of particle physics and astrophysics are leaning on AI for assistance with complex tasks.

Illustration of a scientist pinpointing part of a galaxy through the lens of a magnifying glass

Election to the academy honors exceptional scholars who discover and advance knowledge and who apply knowledge to the problems of society.