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SLAC researcher Sadasivan Shankar talks about a new environmental effort starting at the lab – building a roadmap that will help researchers improve the energy efficiency of computing, from devices like cellphones to artificial intelligence.

Sadasivan Shankar

The synthetic galaxy catalog will help test Roman's capabilities and foster collaboration with the Rubin project. 

A field of bright spots on a black background.

This year’s regional champions, Saratoga High School and Joaquin Miller Middle School, are accompanied by the first-ever Good Sport and Volunteer Award winners.

JoAnne Hewett presents medals to Saratoga High School students.

This ‘beautiful’ herringbone-like pattern could give rise to unique features that scientists are just starting to explore.

An illustration of a dramatic, herringbone-like pattern in the atomic lattice of a newly created quantum material. Against a black background, calcium atoms are seen as light blue spheres, cobalt atoms in dark blue and oxygen atoms in red. Lines connecting the oxygen atoms represent the atomic lattice.

Together with two long-time collaborators, he is recognized for work that helps us understand the strong nuclear force.

A man standing in front of a chalkboard.

By tinkering and troubleshooting, Aalayah Spencer helps turn researchers’ ideas into state-of-the-art science experiments.

Aalayah Spencer inside the Linac Coherent Light Source at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Spencer is a science and engineering associate in Experiment Control Systems at LCLS.

Experiments visualize how 2D perovskite structures change when excited.

News Feature · VIA Stanford Report

David Goldhaber-Gordon named AAAS Fellow

The SIMES investigator was cited for his singular contributions to quantum materials science.

Headshot of David Goldhaber-Gordon

If scaled up successfully, the team's new system could help answer questions about certain kinds of superconductors and other unusual states of matter.

A grayscale image showing the outlines of a complex electrical device.

Researchers discover that electrons play a surprising role in heat transfer between layers of semiconductors, with implications for next-generation electronic devices.  

UED electronic bridge