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Researchers demonstrate a way to remove the potent greenhouse gas from the exhaust of engines that burn natural gas.  

Illustration of bubbles of methane on surface of catalyst

Physicist and scientific leader Sarrao will become SLAC’s sixth director and succeeds X-ray scientist Chi-Chang Kao, who stepped down after 10 years in the position.

Headshot of John Sarrao

It irons out wrinkles in thin films of these novel superconductors so scientists can see their true nature for the first time. 

Colorized electron microscope images reveal defects in the atomic structure of a nickelate superconductor (right) compared to a defect-free structure (right)

The discovery will help art conservators develop new preservation techniques.

This image shows a portion of the 17th century painting, “Still Life with Flowers in a Glass Vase,” by Jan Davidszoon de Heem.

Batteries come in many shapes and sizes, but their materials can be hard to source. SLAC researchers are trying to build them with more abundant and ethical elements.

This is a graphic representation of a battery and the things that batteries can power

It takes a lot of meetings, travel logistics and even tracking down some parts to keep a large team collaborating on a project like the LSST Camera. That’s where administrator Regina Matter comes in.

A portrait of Regina Matter.

The first batch of data from the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument is now available for researchers to mine. Taken during the experiment’s “survey validation” phase, the data include distant galaxies and quasars as well as stars in our own Milky...

A telescope building sits atop a mountain in twilight.

They’ll work on experiments searching for dark matter and physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics to push our understanding of what makes up the universe.

Kelly Stifter and Julia Gonski.

The results should further our understanding of similar reactions with vital roles in chemistry, such as the production of vitamin D in our bodies.

UED transition state

The results offer important implications for astrophysics and nuclear fusion research.

NIF experiment