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Double your pressure, double your fun! Join us for SLAC on Tap on May 9, when SLAC scientist and rock star Arianna Gleason will share the amazing secrets scientists are trying to squeeze from the depths of Earth and other...

SLAC on tap promo with Arianna Gleason
Past Event · SLAC ON TAP

A battery walks into a bar...

Presented by Johanna Nelson Weker. X-ray vision might sound like the stuff of superheroes and science fiction, but at SLAC’s Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL) it’s what allows scientists to peer inside batteries and see what makes them tick.

Staff scientist Johanna Nelson Weker gives a talk about pushing the battery revolution.
Past Event · SLAC on Tap

Diamonds are (not) forever

In the film Diamonds are Forever, James Bond’s archnemesis uses diamonds to build a space-based  laser weapon that can blow up stuff on Earth. SLAC physicist and Bond villain in training Emma McBride, however, uses lasers to mimic the extreme...
An audience sits on a patio listening to a science talk and demonstration.

Presented by Margaux Lopez. 

SLAC on Tap event series poster
Join us for the inaugural SLAC on Tap event at The Patio in Palo Alto. SLAC scientist Alan Fry will chat about lasers not attached to sharks, ultrafast science and the quantum mechanics of your sunglasses.  Have a drink, learn...
SLAC on Tap event series poster