Stanford graduate students Robert Kasse, Natalie Geise and Tim Abate install an X-ray cell for battery research
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Join our creative, diverse and united workforce of nearly 1,700 employees, including:

  • Scientists, engineers and technicians; 

  • IT, finance, facilities and infrastructure experts;

  • Project managers and safety and security professionals;

  • Administrative, human resources and public relations specialists 

and many others, all working together toward our common goal of achieving scientific excellence while maintaining a respectful workplace.  

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Working at SLAC has given me a deeper sense of purpose beyond my own role in supporting its mission. Our combined curiosity, creativity and sense of shared purpose contribute to this vibrant community.”

Linda McCulloch Head of Creative Communications Linda McCulloch

Science careers

Become a part of a community making fundamental discoveries and solving real-world problems through science and innovation at our multi-program lab. As a DOE Office of Science laboratory run by Stanford University, SLAC builds and maintains some of the largest and most complex scientific instruments in the world. Researchers here and around the globe use these machines to push the boundaries of knowledge in materials and energy sciences, chemistry, biology, environmental science, engineering, particle physics, astrophysics and more.

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Engineering careers

Engineers at SLAC are crucial to the innovation and maintenance of lab infrastructure and instruments. They contribute to the development of large-scale projects, such as the LSST Camera – the world’s largest digital camera for ground-based astronomy – and the billion-dollar LCLS-II X-ray laser upgrade. They design detectors and software solutions to study mysteries big and small, from the origins of the universe to the intricate motions of electrons in materials.

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Join our core operations team

Make an impact with a SLAC career in finance, information technology, communications, facilities & operations, environmental safety and health or human resources, all supporting our visionary science and technology mission.

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SLAC staff are Stanford employees.

SLAC staff are Stanford employees

Stanford University benefits

As a SLAC employee you are also a Stanford University employee with benefits including memberships at fitness facilities, Cardinal Sweeteners and college tuition help.

What we live by

Our values

SLAC staff live by our shared values of excellence, integrity, collaboration, respect and creativity.

Our people

A day in the life

A behind-the-scenes look at some of the interesting (and surprising) people, jobs and places at the lab. Learn more about what our people do, where they do it, how they got here and what they love about their work.

More SLAC people

News Feature

Chemist Ben Ofori-Okai investigates what happens to matter under extreme conditions at microscopic scales to better understand its behavior at massive scales, such as...

Ben Ofori-Okai
News Feature

Knowledge of physics and a love of challenges fuel May Ling Ng’s quest for nanometer perfection in the smooth surfaces of mirrors used at...

A woman stands in a long hallway with scientific equipment
News Feature

At the Machine Shop, Pete Franco crafts beautiful, intricate and precise parts for the lab’s latest scientific tools.

Pete Franco at the SLAC Machine Shop
News Feature

In SLAC’s accelerator control room, shift lead Ben Ripman and a team of operators fine-tune X-ray beams for science experiments around the clock.

Ben Ripman in SLAC's accelerator control room.
Internships & fellowships

Apply for an internship or educational program

SLAC offers a variety of internship and mentorship opportunities to help you explore your career interests and succeed in your chosen field. Our internship programs are designed to provide you with stimulating, real-world research experiences.

Our people

Perspectives and ideas

We believe in the transformative power of diversity and that great science requires great people with open minds. SLAC unites and empowers all people to realize their potential as unique individuals and groups, accelerating scientific innovation together.

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Stronger together

Employee Resource Groups

Employees from across the lab join together to raise awareness, build community and foster an inclusive culture through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

SLAC group pride photo.
Transform your career

Military Skills Translator

Find resources for development opportunities with the military skills translator. SLAC is committed to celebrating military culture through our Military Community Employee Resource Group, providing education and resources, development opportunities and support to our internal and external military communities. 

 Find resources for development opportunities with the military skills translator.