SXR: Soft X-ray Materials Science

The SXR hutch is similar to AMO, but has the ability to separate a specific “color” or wavelength of X-ray light from the beam and use it to hit the sample.

This allows scientists to look at a specific type of atom they are interested in. One experiment that was done here studied photosynthesis, hoping to learn more about how plants use sunlight to split water and generate oxygen; scientists would like to find a way to mimic that system to make better catalysts and cleaner energy. They used a single-colored beam from SXR to look at specific atoms involved in the process and observe the electron flow that makes it possible.

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The SXR (Soft X-ray Materials Science) instrument allows researchers to apply the high brightness and timing capability of the LCLS to scattering and imaging experiments that require the use of soft X-rays.