AMO: Atomic, Molecular & Optical Science

This was the first hutch opened in 2009, and for two years it was the only hutch.

It is used to image small molecules and objects with soft X-rays, which are low-energy X-rays.

For example, a major international collaboration of over 100 scientists from 8 countries has been using AMO to work toward single particle imaging – making X-ray portraits of a single virus or living bacterium. These atomic-scale, detailed images allow scientists to understand biological processes that are challenging to study with other techniques.

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The AMO (Atomic, Molecular & Optical Science) instrument is situated on one of the soft X-ray branches of the LCLS that delivers intense, ultrashort pulses of X-rays from the free-electron laser. It allows scientists to study the interaction between the extremely intense LCLS X-ray pulses, atoms and molecules.