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SLAC fundamental physics researchers study everything from elementary particles produced in accelerators to the large-scale structure of the universe. 

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SLAC completed its work on ComCam, a commissioning device to be installed in Chile later this year.

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Building the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope also means solving extraordinary technological challenges.

LSST camera engineering
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SLAC’s ‘electron camera’ films rapidly melting tungsten and reveals atomic-level material behavior that could impact the design of future reactors.

Tungsten melting
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The approach could advance our understanding of fundamental forces under extreme conditions with applications from astrophysics to fusion research.

QED extreme
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Monika Schleier-Smith and Kent Irwin explain how their projects in quantum information science could help us better understand black holes and dark matter.

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The LSST camera integration and testing team inserted a raft of nine imaging sensors into the body of the ComCam. This miniature version of...

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The newly launched Quantum Fundamentals, ARchitecture and Machines initiative will build upon existing strengths in theoretical and experimental quantum science and engineering at Stanford...

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“The Worlds Within” and “Fabrication of the Accelerator Structure,” now available digitally in high fidelity, tell the story of Stanford Linear Accelerator Center’s inception...

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Scientists, including researchers at SLAC, have only just begun to study the remarkably detailed map they created of a portion of the sky.

DES End of Observations
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SLAC scientists find a new way to explain how a black hole’s plasma jets boost particles to the highest energies observed in the universe...

Cosmic particle accelerators
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Astrophysicists use a catalog of extended gamma-ray sources spotted by Fermi spacecraft to home in on mysterious properties of deep space.

Fermi extended sources
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SLAC receives three awards for the development of quantum technology for dark matter searches and quantum computing

Quantum Information Science