March 20, 2013

DOE Celebrates Women in STEM

DOE Celebrates Women in STEM

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Department of Energy recently launched a new feature, Women @ Energy, which showcases DOE employees who work in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Women @ Energy profiles women across the country who share insights on what inspired them to work in STEM, what excites them about their work at the DOE and what can be done to engage more underrepresented groups in STEM. According to the website, women represent 51 percent of the overall workforce and only 24 percent of the STEM workforce.

"We hope that the stories of these, and many more, women in STEM can inspire others as they think about the future," they write.

Among the women profiled, 12 are from SLAC:

If you're a woman interested in a future in STEM, please check out SLAC's educational and outreach programs.


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    Photo - Amber Boehnlein writing on white board.
    Amber Boehnlein is a physicist and heads scientific-computing applications in SLAC's Particle Physics and Astrophysics directorate.