May 23, 2011

Welcome to the SLAC News Center

Welcome to the SLAC News Center

By Shawne Workman

News.slac.stanford.edu is now the SLAC News Center, home to current news and announcements from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. On its home page, this website showcases SLAC's science, projects and people with feature stories, press releases, images and video. The SLAC Today page hosts the lab's daily newsletter for SLAC staff and users. Under Calendar you'll find SLAC science talks and conferences, including the popular bi-monthly SLAC Public Lecture series.

Search the site for topics of interest or follow an RSS feed of your choice to keep up with a particular scientific area or type of story. (See the documentation for your web browser or e-mail client for instructions to subscribe to RSS feeds.)

Please send any questions or feedback to the News Center editor/webmaster. See the Contact Us page for media contact information and additional resources from the SLAC Office of Communications.

Editor's Note: This site displays best in Firefox and Chrome; other web browsers may show variations in layout.


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The SLAC News Center
Launched on May 23, 2011, the SLAC News Center hosts news and staff announcements of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. (Image: Shawne Workman.)