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Past events

Past Event

On Nov. 15, 17 early-career scientists - one from each national lab - will compete at the inaugural National Lab Research SLAM in Washington...

National Lab Research SLAM poster graphic
Past Event
In conjunction with SLAC’s Small Business | Supplier Diversity Program. Representatives from SLAC projects, research, facilities, operations, and others will be on hand to...
SLAC from the sky
Past Event

In this lecture, we will together embark on an adventure to uncover the enigmatic and awe-inspiring secrets of the Sun through the lens of...

View of the sun with different filters
Recurring events

Featured event series

SLAC hosts a range of exciting events to raise awareness, inform, educate, engage and connect with Stanford and local communities.

Lecture series

Public Lectures

SLAC Public Lectures highlight the lab’s cutting-edge science and offer non-scientists unique insights into the workings of our universe.

video still frame of lecture about the search for dark matter
Tour guide

Public tours

Sign up for an in-person tour at SLAC. The tour destinations are designed to give you the most exciting and informative views of the lab. We are continuously enhancing our tour program and information about our sciences to give an engaging experience to our visitors.

Tour stop at LCLS's XCS Hutch in the Far Experimental Hall
Lecture series

SLAC on Tap

SLAC on Tap aims to teach the community about our science and technology through informal talks and interactive demonstrations for the general public.

Staff scientist Johanna Nelson Weker gives a talk about Pushing the Battery Revolution
Lecture series

Art Meets Science

Explore the intersections between these two creative approaches to learn about the world around us. In this special series, SLAC welcomes the Stanford and local community to presentations that celebrate the confluence of art and science.

Ge Wang is an associate professor at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)
Annual Open House

Community Day at SLAC

An evening of enriching activities to learn about SLAC science and have fun doing it. Participate in interactive exhibits, engaging demos of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM), and facility tours.

A young camper engages with a Van der Graaf generator exhibit at Core science institute
In case you missed it

Past lecture recordings

Learn about SLAC science by watching our past lecture recordings.

Public lecture presented by Siqi Li
stillframe image from public lecture: clocking electrons
Public lecture presented by Emmanuel Schaan
video stillframe from public lecture

Public lecture presented by Axel Levy.

stillframe for public lecture march 2023

Public lecture presented by Peter  D. Dahlberg

cryo-EM image of Caulobacter bacterium

Public lecture presented by Yi Cui

public lecture art charging ahead: batteries of the future

Public lecture presented by Cyndia Yu

illustration of universe and human eye

Public lecture presented by Nick Edwards

video still frame from lecture about fossil colors

Public lecture presented by Zeeshan Ahmed.

Viewing the Beginning of Time from the Most Remote Places on Earth
Science and User Support Building (SUSB)

Attending a public event

Coming to SLAC

Free admission     
Registration may be required.    

Identification required     
Adults are required to bring a photo ID to enter the SLAC campus.     

Limited seating     
Please arrive early to join the event on time.    

Free parking     
SLAC offers free parking in our visitor parking lot.     

SLAC facilities meet American Disability Act requirements for accessibility. If you need assistance, please notify our security officers as you enter SLAC’s main gate, and they will direct you to a parking area and assist or escort you to the auditorium.     

Getting here     
SLAC is located at 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, California, 94025. Please visit our Maps and directions page for driving directions.     

If you have specific questions or concerns about attending a public lecture at SLAC, please contact us.

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