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Past Event · Art Meets Science

A Different Physics: The Poetics of Discovery

Presented by Lisa Rosenberg. How do poetic and scientific exploration create access and insight between domains? Can art created within the worlds of science and technology broaden expectations and possibilities for engagement? Formally trained in physics and poetry, Lisa Rosenberg...

Art Meets Science: A Different Physics

A visit to SLAC in October 2018 inspired Nitin Sawhney to create an original audio composition for two short visualization movies on the origins of the universe. 

Portrait Nitin Sawhney
Past Event · Art Meets Science

Artful Design: Technology in Search of the Sublime!

What is the nature of design and the meaning it holds in human life? What does it mean to design well? To design ethically? How can the shaping of technology reflect our values as human beings? This talk explores how...