Benjamin Lev, Srinivas Raghu and Monika Schleier-Smith were all recognized for their work on quantum physics.
Portraits of three Stanford and SLAC physicists who were named APS Fellows
The results could lead to a better understanding of reactions with vital roles in chemistry and biology.
UED conformers
The early career award honors Sood for his research and leadership using the LCLS user facility at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.
Aditya Sood portrait
Spawned by the spins of electrons in magnetic materials, these tiny whirlpools behave like independent particles and could be the future of computing. Experiments with SLAC’s X-ray laser are revealing their secrets.
Illustration of skyrmions -- little whirlpools of magnetism formed by the spins of atoms.
Scientists who perform experiments at SLAC’s lightsources gathered online for research talks, worksh...
Aerial view of industrial-looking research buildings
High-power lasers will work in concert with the lab’s X-ray laser to dramatically improve our unders...
diamond rain
This is the first direct observation of a hydroxyl-hydronium complex – important for a wide range of...
ued ionized water
The award recognizes her research and service at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource.
Much like crystallizing rock candy from sugar syrup, the new method grows 2D perovskites precisely l...
Illustration of layers of 2D materials assembling themselves from chemicals tumbling in water