Past Lectures

SLAC Public Lecture Series

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Date Lecture Titlesort descending Presenter
04/11/2017 Caught on Camera: The Secret Lives of Life's Molecules Raymond Sierra
11/29/2011 Chasing Super Bugs with Smarter Drug Design Clyde Smith
06/23/2009 Cosmic Accelerators: Engines of the Extreme Universe Stefan Funk
11/17/2015 Cosmic Clue: The Dark Matter Mystery Andrea Albert
04/29/2008 Cosmic Dawn: The First Star in the Universe Tom Abel
09/25/2018 Cryo-EM: Amazing 3-D Views of Life’s Molecular Machines Wah Chiu
10/30/2007 Dark Energy. What the ...? Risa Wechsler
11/29/2016 Dark Matter: Detecting Gravity’s Hidden Hand Tom Shutt
09/27/2011 Deep Science: Mining for Dark Matter Sunil Golwala
03/23/2010 Deep Secrets of the Neutrino: Physics Underground P.C. Rowson
06/02/2020 Discovering the Colors of Fossil Creatures Live Q&A with Nick Edwards
10/01/2013 Don't Fade Away: Saving the Vivid Yellows of Matisse and Van Gogh Jennifer Mass
01/28/2014 Electron Superhighway: a Quantum Leap for Computing Shoucheng Zhang
03/27/2012 Engineering Human Touch Stefan Mannsfeld
07/25/2017 Flares and Fireworks from Black Holes Dan Wilkins (KIPAC, SLAC and Stanford U.)
02/26/2008 From Atoms to Animals: The Vital Force in Biology Roger Kornberg
01/31/2017 Galaxy Clusters and the Life and Death of the Universe Eli Rykoff
05/24/2016 Gravitational Waves: The Sound of Black Holes Colliding Brian Lantz
12/03/2013 Here Be Monsters: Tales of the Hot Universe Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo
06/06/2017 Holograms at the Nanoscale: New Imaging for Nature's Tiniest Structures Taisia Gorkhover