Past Lectures

SLAC Public Lecture Series

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Datesort ascending Lecture Title Presenter
07/31/2012 In the Shadow of the HIGGS! Emanuel Strauss
05/22/2012 Magnetic Movies: Watching Memory Bits Dance Bill Schlotter
03/27/2012 Engineering Human Touch Stefan Mannsfeld
01/24/2012 Printing Solar Cells for Greener Energy Michael McGehee
11/29/2011 Chasing Super Bugs with Smarter Drug Design Clyde Smith
09/27/2011 Deep Science: Mining for Dark Matter Sunil Golwala
05/24/2011 Particle Accelerator on a Chip Christopher McGuinness
03/22/2011 Life Redefined: Microbes Built with Arsenic Sam Webb, SLAC and Felisa Wolfe-Simon
01/25/2011 Archaeopteryx: Bringing the Dino-Bird to Life Uwe Bergmann
11/30/2010 Smashing Protons: First Physics at the LHC David Miller
09/28/2010 Leading the Charge:Exotic New Materials for Future Devices Yulin Chen
05/25/2010 Ultimate Atomic Bling: Nanotechnology of Diamonds Dr. Jeremy Dahl
03/23/2010 Deep Secrets of the Neutrino: Physics Underground P.C. Rowson
01/26/2010 Molecules in the Spotlight James Cryan
11/17/2009 ZAP! The X-Ray Laser is Born Daniel Ratner
09/29/2009 Journey to the Center of the Earth Wendy Mao
06/23/2009 Cosmic Accelerators: Engines of the Extreme Universe Stefan Funk
04/28/2009 Black Holes, the Brightest Objects in the Universe Prof. Jonathan McKinney
02/24/2009 Water: The Strangest Liquid Prof. Anders Nilsson
12/16/2008 Big Machines and Big Science: 80 Years of Accelerators at Stanford Dr. Gregory Loew