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Space: The Hunt for Hidden Dimensions

JoAnne Hewett , SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Tuesday, April 25, 2006 07:30 pm
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Extra dimensions of space may be present in our universe. Their discovery would dramatically change our view of the cosmos and would prompt many questions. How do they hide? What is their shape? How many are there? How big are they? Do particles and forces feel their presence?

This lecture will explain the concept of dimensions and show that current theoretical models predict the existence of extra spatial dimensions which could be in the discovery reach of present and near-term experiments. The manner by which these additional dimensions reveal their existence will be described. Searches for modifications of the gravitational force, astrophysical effects, and collider signatures already constrain the size of extra dimensions and will be summarized. Once new dimensions are discovered, the technology by which the above questions can be answered will be discussed.

JoAnne took her first physics class as a sophomore in college, was immediately hooked, and embarked on a career of performing esoteric theoretical calculations. Her research probes the fundamental nature of space, matter, and energy, where she most enjoys devising experimental tests for preposterous theoretical models. She is eagerly awaiting the next round of high energy accelerator experiments to see which theories are present in our universe.

After obtaining her doctorate, JoAnne held positions at the University of Wisconsin and Argonne National Laboratory. In 1994 she thawed out and moved to SLAC where she is now an Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics. She is the author of well over 100 scientific papers and currently serves on a panel charting the future roadmap for the U.S. high energy physics program.