Matter in Extreme Conditions

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July 6, 2015
News Feature
Researchers have used an X-ray laser to record, in detail never possible before, the microscopic motion and effects of shock waves rippling across diamond.
Image - Researchers prepare for an experiment in the Matter in Extreme Conditions station’s chamber at SLAC’s Linac Coherent Light Source X-ray laser. (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
March 23, 2015
News Feature
A SLAC experiment has provided the first detailed look at the creation of an exotic superhot, compressed concoction known as "warm dense matter" – the stuff believed to be at the core of giant gas planets like Jupiter.
IMAGE - A study at SLAC's Linac Coherent Light Source X-ray laser provides the most detailed measurements yet of a material's temperature and compression as it transitions into a mysterious state known as "warm dense matter."
April 16, 2014
News Feature
SLAC's Siegfried Glenzer has been selected to receive an Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award, presented by the U.S. Secretary of Energy to honor scientists across a range of fields.
Photo - Siegfried Glenzer