Dark Matter

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October 13, 2015
News Feature
It’s in the air we breathe, but it’s not so easy to get ahold of 10 metric tons of xenon in its liquid form for the LUX-ZEPLIN dark matter experiment.
September 24, 2015
News Feature
Amateurs and professionals share the credit in the newest publications from the Space Warps project.
September 23, 2015
News Feature
SLAC is ramping up its efforts to understand neutrinos – elusive fundamental particles whose properties may help researchers solve a number of cosmic mysteries.
September 21, 2015
News Feature
The DOE has approved the project’s scientific scope, schedule and funding. SLAC researchers are among the 200 physicists and astronomers who make up the international DESI Collaboration.
September 17, 2015
News Feature
Dark matter experiments are becoming so sensitive, even the ghostliest of particles will soon get in the way.
August 31, 2015
Press Release
The Department of Energy has approved the start of construction for a 3.2-gigapixel digital camera – the world’s largest – at the heart of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST).
August 17, 2015
News Feature
Scientists on the Dark Energy Survey, using one of the world’s most powerful digital cameras, have discovered eight more faint celestial objects hovering near our Milky Way galaxy.
July 15, 2015
News Feature
What are WIMPs, and what makes them such popular dark matter candidates? 
June 24, 2015
News Feature
A batch of newly discovered satellite dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way should help scientists better grasp the evolution of the universe while also honing in on dark matter's identity.
May 26, 2015
News Feature
The underground home of the LUX dark matter experiment has a rich scientific history.