Astrophysics & Cosmology

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October 24, 2014
News Feature
Cosmic inflation refers to a period of rapid, accelerated expansion that scientists think took place about 14 billion years ago.
October 8, 2014
News Feature
Astrophysicists inspire space-related projects at a 24-hour hack-a-thon in San Francisco.
August 18, 2014
News Feature
In September, DES will make data collected in its first season freely available to researchers.
August 11, 2014
News Feature
A team of scientists generated a giant cosmic simulation—and now they're giving it away.
August 7, 2014
News Feature
Brian Greene welcomes the Internet to physics class with World Science U.
August 4, 2014
News Feature
SLAC is leading the construction of LSST's 3,200-megapixel camera. The telescope will start surveying the entire visible southern sky in 2022.
July 31, 2014
News Feature
With two SLAC researchers in the lead, an analysis of the enigmatic Fermi bubbles has narrowed down the number of possibilities for their origin, but hasn't completely solved the puzzle.
Image - Artist's representation of Fermi bubbles
July 24, 2014
News Feature
Step on a scale and you’ll get a quick measure of your weight. Weighing galaxy clusters, groups of hundreds or thousands of galaxies bound together by gravity, isn’t so easy. But scientists have many ways to do it.
June 27, 2014
News Feature
Efforts are already underway to ensure that the data the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope collects will be ready to be mined for scientific gold.
June 20, 2014
News Feature
Students estimate their way through pop culture problems to learn a life skill.